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I have been deeply affected by the events of the last several weeks. It’s difficult to describe the range of emotions that I have felt in seeing anti-racism protests here and around the world, in reading descriptions of racist incidents that have happened on this campus, and in seeing reactions to those cries of pain. Personally, and in self-reflection, I have felt anger, disappointment, pain, a sense of responsibility, and, ultimately, hope. Here, let me share some of the principles that many of us hold dear, validate the expressions of pain that I’ve heard, show that we have listened deeply to our community (and will continue to do so), and evince what actions we are taking to come together as a community.

Today, with the rapid change occurring across America, we seem to be realizing what Martin Luther King Jr. referred to as a “fierce urgency of now.” Our collective hope should be that this period in our history signals real and lasting change. We are passionately challenging systems of oppression that have allowed systemic racism to endure despite the bold promises on which this country was founded. These same systems have endured at institutions across the country and here at Trinity. So how will we take action? We are being handed an opportunity to create the community we wish to be.



  1. 高等教育有可能改变个人和改造社会的力量。
  2. 我们的人文,文科教育需要人文精神的建立。真正的理解和同情来自聆听到以开放的心脏彼此同情地想象它是什么样的,从别人的角度感受这个世界,并在此基础上同情采取果断的行动。我们必须为这个社区的成员要求自己的这一点。
  3. 高等教育机构,如三位一体,在汇集非常不同的人,帮助他们弥合背景,信仰和愿望鸿沟起到至关重要的作用。的确,我们是我们更大的社会的强烈缩影。如果我们不能在弥合分歧三位一体,在那里我们可以做到这一点?
  4. 机构需要迅速和大胆行动的一些事情中的个人;其他的变化需要时间制定,特别是如果我们希望这些变化能够持续长期的。
  5. 系统性的变化需要持续的,长期的,稳定的发展。系统性变革需要一个愿意与一个“一切照旧”的心态解雇。系统性变革要求改变攻心和强大的基础设施,以取得成功。
  6. 在三位一体最宝贵的资源是人。三位一体的社会必须走到一起,制定和周围,我们希望看到社会的变化。
  7. 被故意反种族主义必须植根于一切,我们做的;这是我们共同的责任。

So where does this lead me, and where does this lead us as a community? We have heard your voices; we acknowledge that pain. Individuals across our community have shared their stories. It is clear that we have not yet made sufficient visible changes to support you, our students, faculty, and staff of color. This dialogue is continuing. We have not yet built the infrastructure for sustainable efforts and accountability in our diversity and inclusion efforts. It also is clear that there are segments of our community where hearts and minds have not yet been changed. Yet, we must persist.

We have received demands from the Umoja Coalition, as well as other groups of alumni and friends of the college, that we need to be the agents of a cultural change at Trinity. The responses below are not intended to answer all of those demands; it is not a comprehensive list of what we will change. Rather, this is a list of initial commitments of actions that we can take as soon as practicable, as we begin the transformation of our institution toward inclusion and equity.


  1. 要求所有成员学校,所有的托管人,以及所有关键的志愿者来完成反种族主义,无意识的偏见,在秋季平等教育。
  2. 支持创建六个特殊机会,员工(最好在高级/终身级)每年在未来三年增加教师多样化的教师教育政策委员会(EPC)。
  3. Change the names of Seabury and Wheaton Halls. [UPDATED July 7: While we were asked about those buildings specifically, rather than address just two names, I’ll be asking members of the Trinity community this fall to consider naming issues more broadly—to look at not only who’s honored and whether that’s appropriate, but also who isn’t honored and how we might address it. These community members will help us figure out whose names and stories could or should be celebrated and what names should adorn our campus buildings and spaces.]
  4. 基金国际街舞节和桑巴舞巨星(各$ 50,000每年用于未来三年,而我们寻求永久捐赠)。
  5. 制定计划翻新巫魔房子,亚裔学生协会(AASA)的房子,和LA eracra - 香格里拉之声拉丁房子。
  6. 提高董事会的种族和民族的多样性,每个新来的学员,以更好地反映当前学生身上。我们做出研究员董事会同样的承诺,并要求mg游戏中心 - mg游戏大厅校友会做同样的。
  7. 学院在秋天2020董事会的一个委员会,集中在三位一体应对反种族主义和促进多元化和包容性,这将创建特定的目标和成果;我们将分享定期向这些目标方面的进展。
  8. 荣誉在大学的200周年庆典有色人种的贡献在2023年,并制定一个全面的历史,包括奴隶制的任何体制关系的一个诚实的告诉。
  9. 制定反种族主义会议并支持其他反种族主义的节目,以提高在秋天开始的校园环境。
  10. 召集高级管理人员以及受托人和黑人学生和校友多个会议听取更多来自他们,并邀请他们继续合作了这项工作。这些会议将现在和董事会的10月会议之间发生。

我们还将建立校园气候专案组,这将提供一个持续的基础设施和关键指标来监控我们的社会朝着我们的目标前进。你被邀请到一个在线讲座,对校园环境的调查结果,侧重于种族的氛围中, 2020年8月17日中午.




I often think of the progress that we have made together, since my arrival in 2014. To name a few positive steps: We have increased the diversity of the student body, senior administration, and trustees; we must now move from representation to inclusion. Many of us have participated in successful programming as part of the Campaign for Community, the Bridging Divides series, and the campus-wide dialogues stimulated by Anthony Jack’s book 特权差. In spring 2019, students formed an Athletes of Color Coalition, which has been working with 竞技 Department staff on programming, initiatives, and hiring in athletics. Last year, Trinity hosted the first NESCAC-wide summit for coaches of color. These small steps are helping us make systemic changes at Trinity. I can see the progress that we have made, while recognizing that we can and will do more. We must persist.

Trustees are our eager partners in these efforts. In addition to committing to the shared work to address systemic racism, they have pledged financial support to achieve these goals; in a message to you soon, they will call the Trinity community to join them. I am most hopeful because I believe that I am part of a community that listens, is willing to grapple with wicked problems, perseveres, and acts boldly and swiftly.

The Trinity community has my personal commitment that I will not let go of these challenges until we have changed for the better the experiences of people of color on our campus and improved racial justice and equity at this college. You can and should be part of the solution. I ask you to fight with me with Bantam spirit and pride for what our institution can and must be.


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